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Call Absolute Waste today for reliable waste removal at competitive prices throughout central Queensland.

The Marelle Skip Bin System loads and unloads the bin with the driver in complete control of the operation, which means no risk exposure to the operator, customer or surrounding property. Rubbish removal has never been easier! For waste collection, look no further than the Absolute Waste fleet.

At Absolute Waste, our fleet offers you skip truck and skip bin hire for all your domestic, commercial, and industrial waste removal needs in Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Gladstone, Marlborough and surrounding Queensland areas. As a local and family-owned business with over 65 years' experience, safety, usability and customer satisfaction are top of our priorities and, for this reason, our skip bins use the Marelle Skip Bin System.

Our fleet

Our Skip Truck Fleet is made up of 3 skip trucks, each with up to an 8-tonne towing capacity.

Unit 1  5 Tonne Lifting Capacity

Unit 2  10 Tonne Lifting Capacity

Unit 3  16 Tonne Lifting Capacity

Skip Truck Fleet

Please note 1 cubic metre = 4 household wheelie bins

No.2  2 cubic metres 1.8M x 1.4M x 0.9M

No.3  3 cubic metres 1.8M x 1.4M x 1.3M

No.4  4 cubic metres 2.4M x 1.4M x 1.3M

No.6  6 cubic metres 3.6M x 1.4M x 1.2M

No.9  9 cubic metres 3.3M x 1.4M x 1.5M

Skip Hire


Best practice for plastics disposal is to separate similar types of plastics, and so we recommend collecting these in separate receptacles on your work site. However, this may not always be possible, so call us for a no-obligation conversation about the best and most efficient way to collect plastics across your particular worksite.

Common recyclable plastics include DLPE Film (stretch wrap/sheet film), PET pallet banding, super sacks, HDPE belting, and other PPE gear.

  • Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or PETE)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polystyrene (PS)
  • Other

Just as consumers can choose to recycle their drink bottles with the resin code information on their pack, we can help you to recycle your large scale plastics - and safely divert to landfill any of your non-recyclable items. The most common resin codes are:

Since their creation, plastics have been widely manufactured around the world. This means that both manufacturers and construction sites also create an abundance of plastics waste. With the abundance of waste comes a massive opportunity: many of these plastics are also recyclable.


Excavator, man at building demolition site
Scrap Metal Waste

Call EWSQ to organise delivery of scrap metals to our pad, or to discuss how to haul away metal from your site or facility. Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals are accepted at EWSQ, which gives you the peace of mind that we are your one stop shop for metals removal. When your metals arrive at EWSQ, we sort and bale it for reuse or future recycling.


Find out how you can create an efficient and cost-effective means of disposing of your glass waste by calling us for a no-obligation conversation about your site.

Glass is the best base ingredient to create other glass products, and reduces the need to process or drill more raw materials. This means that when disposing of glass with us, you can be confident we will find the best and most sustainable disposal solution. It is important that your glass waste is sufficiently clean, otherwise we cannot send it for recycling. Just a small amount of contaminated glass can force us to place your entire load into the landfill.

Glass waste can come from broken window pieces as a result of demolition. Glass is in demand when colour sorted, and our experience tells us that our customers generally have just one or two colours of glass on their sites, making recycling easy.


Excavator on building waste

We will help audit your job and make recommendations on ways to improve cost-effectiveness. We regularly work with construction, building and industry clients, and so our team are expert in making sure your waste disposal methods are safe for your team and comply with all applicable regulations.

Building Materials Waste

Building waste is often bulky, and so, without a well-designed removal plan, it can create safety problems and distract from your core job. Working with our friendly team, you can develop the most efficient and least disruptive removal of your demolition and construction waste.

Building waste

We also look for any opportunities we have to reduce your disposal fees and develop a bespoke plan for each job to ensure you are complying with local regulations and don't pay for a service that you don't need.

Trust Environmental Waste Services Queensland with your next job. We will work in partnership with you to find the method of waste material removal from your site that works best for you and is most efficient, making sure we remain environmentally sustainable and reduce the amount of landfill waste.

We do not accept household waste or hazardous waste, for example oil or asbestos. The ability to dispose of this waste requires a specialist facility and staff to ensure that the waste is disposed of safely and does not contaminate the ground. As part of our conversation to assess your waste management needs, we can provide some names of nearby hazardous waste sites should your company need that support.

EWSQ accepts a wide range of recycled materials, including glass, cardboard, paper, plastic and aluminium cans. We know that industry is responsible for more than half of all waste produced worldwide, and we are committed to doing our part to make sure the industry stays sustainable and responsible in waste disposal.

Articulated dump truck and tracked excavator

Some materials are recycling stalwarts - for example, copper can be recycled time and time again. However, some other materials, such as paper, can be recycled approximately five times before they must go to the landfill. This is because the fibres become shorter and do not have the same integrity.

Recycled materials

For the best waste management solutions for your home or business, look no further than Absolute Waste for a quality product and great service. Contact Absolute Waste today on (07) 4936 3616 to find out which skip bin and truck will work best for your project. And if you need to transport or dispose of hazardous and contaminated waste, call us to help with that too.

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Backhoe   /   4x4   /   Less than 10t

Caterpiller 432E (2009)

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Excavator   /   Track Mounted   /   30t - 39t

Caterpiller 326DL (2007)

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Excavator   /   Track Mounted   /   20t - 29t

Caterpiller 320DL (2007)

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